Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the delivery time for my new doors?

A: We aim to deliver your new doors within 28 working days of processing your payments

Q: What is the method of payment?

A: Cheque payment or Paypal in full at the time of ordering.

Q: Can I install the doors myself?

A: Yes probably if you are OK with general day to day DIY

Q: How long will it take me to install them?

A: Professional fitters would normally complete an average size kitchen in a day. It may take you a little longer than this but you can replace them one at a time if needs be to suit yourself.

Q: Can you supply doors to fit any kitchen?

A: Yes, in our man made PVC range, any size can be made. There are however, limitations on timber doors. Call us if you need more guidance.

Q: Does it matter how old my kitchen is?

A: No, as long as your cabinets are in good condition, it makes no difference whether your doors are metric or imperial sizes.

Q: What if my kitchen cabinets need replacing?

A: We offer colour matched, rigid built cabinets, made to measure for any shape and size of kitchen. Call us for more information.

Q: How do I clean my doors?

A: PVC doors need only warm soapy water and a cloth. Please do not use any household cleaner with an abrasive compound in it.

Q: Do my new doors come with hinges, handles and screws?

A: No, but you may also order new clip on hinges and plates from us at £9 per pair. Handles are also extra. Please call us for more details.

Q: Is hinge hole drilling included?

A: No, this will be an additional 50p per hole, and will be drilled to our standard setting of 100mm from the top or bottom of the door to the hinge hole centre's, and 5mm from the side of the door to the edge of the hole. This allows a natural tolerance of 2mm which our three way adjustable hinges will take care of.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Our doors are guaranteed against faulty materials for 12 months, although faults of this nature would normally show up before then. Please remember the kitchen is probably the most used room in your home and will get knocked and be subject to excessive heat and steam and be exposed to hot cooking fat and other liquids.

Q: What are your terms?

A: Cheque payment or Paypal in full at time of ordering payable to Oakley and Sons.

A: Own transport delivery within a 30 mile radius. Costs on application.

A: Carrier delivery outside 30 mile radius cost to be confirmed based on size of order.

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